Wednesday, Oct 29th:

MN Music Cafe
(499 Payne Ave * St Paul, MN)
w/ TBA
Show @ 8p * 21+ * !!!FREE SHOW!!!
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has unfortunately parted ways with lead guitarist Dave and drummer Hardy, and we wish them both the best of luck in their future endeavors. In the meantime, it looks as if we found a drummer, but we are now looking for a lead guitarist....

We are a down n' dirty rock band with an energetic, raw n' raunchy sound that's similar to GN'R and Aerosmith, but with our own little twist. We're looking to complete our line-up and we need a fellow team player (preferably 30+ years old, although we're willing to go as young as 25 for the right candidate) who's dedicated, who wants to be in this for the long run, and who's willing to work hard to try and help make our band a success on a local level, and see where it goes from there. Background vocals and a high-energy stage show are a plus, but not mandatory....

We practice every Thursday (and sometimes Tuesdays) and we play out 1-2x a month with an occasional out-of town gig. We'll also be going into the recording studio in the next few months, and we may even have room for song or two, if you got any ideas or riffs. Feel free to check out some live audio above, as well as a few live videos below to give you an idea of our energy onstage. And please, no out-of-control egos, chronic drunks or hardcore drug users. If interested, contact Tank at 612-516-1514 or Tank@OutlawSaint.net...

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Back In Fighting Form * Cell#9 * Deception (All I Believe In) * Evil 1-Track Mind * Jumping Jack Flash * No Way Out * Raise Some Hell * She Gets Me High