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Our goal: To bring bluesy, GN'R/Aerosmith-inspired rock n' roll back to the musical massses with our own raw n' raunchy originals, a few occasional covers, and a hi-NRG stage show. Feel free to check out our site and if you like what you've seen and heard, please tell your friends about us and help spread the word -- the support would be greatly appreciated (you can also sign up for our e-newsletter on O.S. FANS page)...
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To all friends and fans of Outlaw Saint: It is with a heavy heart that we must present the worst of news about the passing of our fellow brother-in-arms, and rhythm guitarist, Eddie Sylvers. On May 6th, he had gone into surgery to replace a faulty heart valve, and unfortunately a few days later his heart had stopped. They took him back into the OR, but after a few failed attempts, they couldn’t get it working properly , so they put him on life support. As of Sat May 14th, though, his family decided to take him off it as soon as all of his relatives had said their goodbyes...

Our deepest condolences go out to his family, because they are definitely losing one good man…

As far as the future of Outlaw Saint, we WILL continue on, for we know that Ed would have wanted it that way. Rest assured, there will be at least one, possibly two or more, musical tributes to our fallen comrade on our next album. But in the meantime, we must hold onto anymore details, until we spend a little time to mourn our friend and to plan our future. And for the record, the show WILL go on and we will NOT be canceling our June 25th gig. Stay tuned, more details are coming soon…!!!

Our first show with the new line-up has been confirmed! More detail will be coming soon, but you can get the info we have so far on the GIGS page (also, more shows are to come). We are also planning to hit the studio soon to record our new songs. Stay tuned, more news is coming soon...!!!
Hey Saints n' Sinners
, welcome to the new and improved OutlawSaint.net! For those not in the know, Outlaw Saint has completed the line-up and is hard at work getting ready to hit the local scene and beyond! In the meantime, feel free to check out the new site: for example, a couple new "raw demo" videos of 2 brand new tunes on the VIDEO page. Or if you are a potential fan, check out the brand new O.S. FANS site where one could sign up for our newsletter. There are other revelations on the horizon, so stay tuned for more...