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Ladies and gentlemen, and all Sinners from across the musical landscape, we are proud to announce the return of

Our old guitarist Dave has decided to come back to MN's Hardest Rock Band on a temp-to-possible-rejoin basis, and with the help of our other former memeber Ryan -- who's filling in on drums -- we're hitting the town and ripping up stages (gig announcements coming soon), and at the same time we will be writing new GN'R/Aerosmith-inspired songs as well as looking for a permanent drummer to complete our line up (if you're an interested drummer who would want to audition for us, get all the info by CLICKING HERE!!!
In the meantime, feel free to check out some older videos to your left, featuring Dave on lead guitar, and you will get the idea of what to expect from both our new album and our next live show. Stay tuned, we are coming soon to a  bar neat you...!!!