Back In Fighting Form
Deception (All I Believe In)
Evil 1-Track Mind
Jumping Jack Flash
No Way Out
Raise Some Hell
She Gets Me High
is looking for a drummer & lead guitarist to complete our line-up!

We are a raw n' raunchy rock band who's aiming for a sound that's similar to old GN'R and Aerosmith, but with our own little twist. We're ready to go back out on the local scene as soon as possible, as well as go into the studio to record our debut album, but we still need 2 important members to complete the line-up...

We prefer musicians at least 30 years old, but will go as young as 25 for the right candidate. Must be dedicated, a team player, must love the originals that we have on this page, and willing to work hard to help take this band as far as we can on a local level, and see where it goes from there...

We practice 1-2x a week in South Minneapolis, and perform out locally 1-2x a month with an occasional out-of-town-gig. As previously stated, we'll be going to record our debut album as well as gig around, plus we have room to write a song as a band that we will be happy to include it on the 1st album (and in the future you'll have more say so on helping writing the songs, so any riffs/ideas that you may have are welcomed). We also do a few covers every now and then, but we mostly play and write our own material. And please, no out-of-control egos, hardcore drugs or extreme alcoholics...

If interested, then contact Tank at 612-516-1514 or