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This is the official website of Minnesota's Hardest Rock Band! We bring you Sinners our own brand of raw & raunchy rock n' roll (with an occasional cover done our way) that's similar to old GN'R, and Aerosmith -- but with a personal twist. So feel free to check out our site and if you like what you've seen and heard, please tell your friends about us and help spread the word (the support would be greatly appreciated)...
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Hey all you Sinners from across the land, the time is at hand to announce the complete line-up of MN's Hardest Rock Band! Tank, Ed and D-Man are proud to welcome guitarist J and drummer Ryan to the ranks of the band! The two new additions are hard at work learning all the material, and the new line-up will be making our debut on March 3rd (detail can be found on the
GIGS page) as well as heading into studio to record our debut album in April! Stay tuned, so much more is coming real soon...!!!