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Our goal: To bring bluesy, raw n' raunchy rock n' roll back to the musical massses with our own GN'R/Aerosmith-inspired originals, a few occasional covers, and a gung-ho "bare bones" rock show. Feel free to check out our site and if you like what you've seen and heard, please tell your friends about us and help spread the word -- the support would be greatly appreciated (you can also sign up for our e-newsletter on O.S. FANS page)...
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Hey Saints n' Sinners, just in time we have some news to hopefully whet your whistle into the new year! First and foremost, we want to welcome our final member, Joe on bass, to the ranks of MN's Hardest Rock Band! You'll be able to watch him in action at our first show of the year on Jan 12th (go to the GIGS page to see all th eshows we have in 2017, so far). Also, all of the songs have been chosen and demoed for our new upcoming album, so all that needs to be done is have our current line-up learn the demos and we'll be ready to to record and release our debut album in the first part of the new year. So stay tuned, more news is coming soon...!!!

Hey Saints and Sinners, the moment you've been waiting for is finally here!!! Outlaw Saint is proud to announce that their brand new tune, "Push Comes 2 Shove," is ready for your listening pleasure! But there's more -- for a limited time you can download the mp3 FOR FREE!!! Just click HERE and follow the directions...!!!

Well Sinners, we are happy to announce that on Nov 20th -- a day after our next show (go to the GIGS page for more info on that performance and others) -- Outlaw Saint will be heading into the studio to professionally record our first song featuring the current line-up, and the 1st tune that we wrote together as a band, called "Push Comes 2 Shove." Our good friend (and original OS member) Daryl will be filling in on bass and Skywind's Wally Joseph Niemiec will be on the recording/producer's helm. If everything goes as planned, we might have it available for your listening pleasure by December. Things are starting to move forward, so stay tuned, more news form MN's Hardest Rock Band is coming soon...!!!
Well, thing's are starting to heat up, as MN's Hardest Rock Band goes forth in full force! We have another couple shows coming up (found on the GIGS page) with more on the way. We also have pics from the 9-24 show on the PHOTO page, and we are proud to announce our first official music video for the tune "Back in Fighting Form," which can be found on the VIDEO page. Last but not least, we got more news coming up real quick, so stay tuned...
Hey Saints n' Sinners from across the land, Outlaw Saint is proud to welcome our new guitarist Johnny to our ranks. We are currently teaching him our songs (we'll be writing new ones real soon) and preparing him for some upcoming shows.
And speaking of shows, make sure that you go to the GIGS page and check out the next few Outlaw Saint performances in September and October. Stay tuned, more news is coming soon...
The new chapter in the life of Outlaw Saint is about to begin! On August 13th we will have our 1st show post-Eddie's tribute, and soon afterward we will be auditioning for the slot of 2nd guitarist to complete the line-up. We also have several more shows that we are waiting to be confirmed. In the meantime, check out a few of the videos from our performance at Eddie's tribute at the Terminal Bar, which can be found on the VIDEO page. 
Hey Saints n' Sinners, welcome back! We are happy to announce that our last show -- which closed the chapter of the band that the lead singer Tank referred to as "The Ed Sylvers Saga" -- was a success (videos should be coming soon)! We are now beginning a new chapter and are currently hard a work writing new songs for an upcoming album, as well as searching for one last final member! So stay tuned, more news is coming soon...!!!
The return of MN's Hardest Rock Band is upon us, for in about a week, Outlaw Saint will once again hit the local scene as they rock for a  good cause! Get more info on this show, as well as others, on the GIGS page. Also, if you want to know what the current line-up sounds like, we have now added a few raw versions of our older songs -- featuring Tank, Dave, Hardy, and Allie -- to the MUSIC page...
Hey Sinners, you'll be happy to know that our Summer of the Saint  "Local Tour" will be under way in about three weeks. OK, so it's not a "tour" per se, as it is more of a series of gigs that finds us playing once a month for the next four, which includes a fundraiser in June, a tribute to our fallen comrade Ed (who was just baried this very weekend  R.I.P.) in Juluy and lead singer Tank's Birthday Bash in September . . . see all the details for your self on the GIGS page. We're also in the process of writing tunes for our 2nd album and maybe even looking for one more member. So Stay tuned, more news is coming soon...
To all friends and fans of Outlaw Saint: It is with a heavy heart that we must present the worst of news about the passing of our fellow brother-in-arms, and rhythm guitarist, Eddie Sylvers. On May 6th, he had gone into surgery to replace a faulty heart valve, and unfortunately a few days later his heart had stopped. They took him back into the OR, but after a few failed attempts, they couldn’t get it working properly , so they put him on life support. As of Sat May 14th, though, his family decided to take him off it as soon as all of his relatives had said their goodbyes...

Our deepest condolences go out to his family, because they are definitely losing one good man…

As far as the future of Outlaw Saint, we WILL continue on, for we know that Ed would have wanted it that way. Rest assured, there will be at least one, possibly two or more, musical tributes to our fallen comrade on our next album. But in the meantime, we must hold onto anymore details, until we spend a little time to mourn our friend and to plan our future. And for the record, the show WILL go on and we will NOT be canceling our June 25th gig. Stay tuned, more details are coming soon…!!!

Our first show with the new line-up has been confirmed! More detail will be coming soon, but you can get the info we have so far on the GIGS page (also, more shows are to come). We are also planning to hit the studio soon to record our new songs. Stay tuned, more news is coming soon...!!!
Hey Saints n' Sinners
, welcome to the new and improved OutlawSaint.net! For those not in the know, Outlaw Saint has completed the line-up and is hard at work getting ready to hit the local scene and beyond! In the meantime, feel free to check out the new site: for example, a couple new "raw demo" videos of 2 brand new tunes on the VIDEO page. Or if you are a potential fan, check out the brand new O.S. FANS site where one could sign up for our newsletter. There are other revelations on the horizon, so stay tuned for more...