(Written and arranged by T. DAVIDSON, R. HEGLAND, T. MCGREW,  S. TEISBERG)

Now I was a frontman in a local rock band * Kicking @$$, living​' fast & loving life * Was having a ball, y'all, until my downfall * Got caught in a vice of my own devise, when... / She said she would rock my world * I started my life in hell with that young girl... / Who was my friends with benefits, ’til she wanted 2 commit * It was such a shame, I didn't feel the same way * Should of ended it no doubt, but chose a coward's way out * A decision that haunts me, that began with the day... / I should have told her no * But hindsight's 20/20 and now i know * That… / chorus#1: Karma is a B:+#, that's how I explain * Why I'm numb to the pain like a bullet 2 the brain * Well now I've learned my lesson, messing with Fate's plain dumb * ’Cuz Karma is a b:+# (one bad b:+#) and then I married 1... / And so that young lover drove me into the arms of another * The twist is the happiness didn't last * By the time I discovered the other was worse than the 1st lover * Karma had come around to kick my @$$... / When we sought out a preacher man * But I started to realize it wasn't part of the plan * When... / It was a quick bliss, before things went amiss * Honeymoon sped by in the blink of an eye * When I started to see us fall apart @ the seams * Pretty soon her iron fist ruled this poor guy... / And Fate wouldn't give me any slack * It was having too much fun laughing my @$$ * ’Cuz... / chorus#1 / (SOLO) / And soon it became clear, it was worse than I had feared * She had all the control with one tight hold * But when she had a heavy hand in the ending of my band * I knew it was time 2 let her go… / And now when she moves in 4 an attack * I think it’s time that I strike back * ’Cuz… / chorus#2: Karma is a B:+#, this time it’s my game * And U’ll be numb to the pain like a bullet 2 the brain * Hope u learned your lesson, messing with Fate's plain dumb * ’Cuz Karma is a b:+# (one bad b:+#) and now I am 1...

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