(Written and arranged by T. DAVIDSON, R. HEGLAND, T. MCGREW,  S. TEISBERG, A. BROOKS)

Now I’m heading into town, as my mood turns grim * I swear I’m gonna spend this evening in sin * ’Cuz tonight is the night that this Loser will win * No holds barred, let the madness begin… / Prechorus: ’Cuz I’m sick of wasted days and sleepless nights * Gotta find a way to spice up of my humdrum life * Need 2 set myself free of my misery * There’s a whole new world out there for me 2 see… / Chorus: But I’m stuck in the rut of a wishing well * So yes, I confess I wanna raise some hell * Take a break and make new stories to tell * All I wanna do is raise some hell… / Gonna raise some hell… / Now I’m sick of the silence, gonna raise my voice * This time I’m going to exploit my poison of choice * I can smoke or even toke, or drink ’til I can’t see * Or find a lady to lay me in her back seat… / prechorus / chorus / WOW!!! * Gonna raise some hell… / (SOLO) / Now my adrenaline’s pumping, I could win in a fight * But there are better ways to end the night * I wanna get it on, so before the night is through * Gonna pick up some chick and her girlfriend 2… / prechorus / chorus / WOW!!! * Just raise some hell [x4]…

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