(Written and arranged by  Tank, Ryan, IceMan, VoodooBilly)

Verse#1: It was a costume party at the Jam of the Godz * Our 2nd meet that week, what were the odds? * But when I hit the stage 4 a song or two * Little did I know there'd be a rendezvous... / Verse#2: I saw her body swaying to a rock n' roll beat * And ignoring her was no easy feat * I said hey pretty baby, want 2 leave this bar? * Don't go far just to to the nearest car... / Prechorus: 'Til her I wasn't a wham-bam thank-you man * But she makes me want to be as adventurous as I can * And now that's who I am... / Chorus#1: She's a valentine, and she is mine * And she'll leave her mark on my dotted line * Pen n' paper or oral is fine * Got a backseat treaty and I am ready to sign... / Chorus#2: A backseat treaty * And we're feeling just fine * She's my backseat sweetie * And she'll blow my mind * In her car or mine... / Verse#3: Why go through the trunk, when there's another door? * We'll still be screaming for more, more, more * Satisfied, as hot as it can get * We'll thank the Lord for the day that we met... / prechorus / chorus 1 & 2 /  (SOLO) / chorus#2 [x2]…

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