(Written and arranged by Tank, Ryan, IceMan, T. McGrew)

It’s another sleepless night, yet I am still here * I guess deep inside I know it’s out of fear * I really shouldn’t tolerate your abuse * But I know I’ll just make another excuse… / Chorus:  When I should be on my own, one question holds me back: * Is being in bed alone better than your attack? * I know you want control, that’s what you’re all about * But sometimes I feel like there’s no way out… / “But there’s always a way out…” / I once held a job, where u could stay at home * But u wouldn’t lift a finger while I worked mine to the bone * When I would speak my mind, you would raise a riot * I learned u wouldn’t lash out if I remained quiet… / chorus / Now I often ponder about my life * I finally realized that something wasn’t right * And now I know I should run away * So why in God’s name do I stay…? / (SOLO) / I have 2 tell myself that our love can’t be saved * Not when I’m a donor and a slave * And I need to do this for my own sake * Don’t know how much more of this that I can take… / Chorus#2: Now I will be on my own, there’s no looking back * Being in bed alone is better than your attacks * You’ll have no more control, this time I have no doubt * I’ve made up my mind that I just want out… / “And I found a way out…” / I found a way out [x4]

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