(Written and arranged by Tank, Ryan, IceMan,
T. McGrew, E. Sylvers)

Had work on my mind, when she walked by * Then it went blank in a flash * I just can’t believe, that it happened to me * And it’s all because she moved her @$$... / Now my world was rocked, and I was shocked * Didn’t think I’d see her in a million years * She’s still so fine, it should be a crime * If she takes me back, I’ll be in tears… / Chorus: It’s not the way she’s dressed, or the way she talks * But she leaves me a mess, ’cuz of the way she walks * “The way she walks…” / She moves with grace, while I fall on my face * ’Cuz now all I really do is trip * It’s not her black yoga pants, putting me in a trance * It’s the way that she whips those hips… / Now I want her so bad, it’s driving me mad * Won’t take long til I go nuts * There’s no doubt I should ask her out * The only thing I need is guts… / chorus / (SOLO) / verse#2 / chorus

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