(Written and arranged by  Tank, Ryan, IceMan, VoodooBilly)

We have this buddy Jay, who's always needs a lay * But sorry to say, his lady now is hell 2 pay * No beauty under her skin, 'cuz the problem lies within * We now fear for our friend cuz the hag's nag never ends... / Chorus: And he's sleeping with someone who's just a little whacked * He wants her sex so bad, that he keeps on going back * But then he asks himself every week or two * "Just what the hell did I get myself into...?" / We're thinking it's his drinking that made him pick too quick * And now she's giving him all this lip cuz he shot straight from the hip * And just when we thought that he was ready 2 jump this ship * We're surprised to realize that he really is that whipped... / Chorus / (SOLO) / Chorus (spoken) / Verse#1 / Chorus…

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