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Based on true events, this is the tale of Quentin King, a die-hard rocker who's unbreakable dedication to the music is put to the ultimate test! Falling in and out of love while facing divorce, depression, heartbreak, and a host of insurmountable odds, will he find his true calling in life?
*   *   *
Tank Davidson -- Quentin King
Tiffany Beamer -- Miranda "Red" Herring
Katie Wyrd -- Jessica "Jessie" Belle
*   *   *
Story by Tank Davidson * Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dan Osberg for Chillwind Audio * Produced by Dan Osberg & Outlaw Saint * EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Tank Davidson
*   *   *
(((The Story)))

The story begins like one is actually going to a rock opera: Where the house band starts things off with a song that basically says WELCOME 2 THE SHOW. And then, the Saga Begins…

The main protagonist introduces himself as Quentin King, and proceeds to give us a little of his background: He started as a frontman in a local rock band, who got himself into a “friends with benefits” situation with a much younger groupie, which, unbeknownst to him at the time, begins his downward spiral. Suddenly the young lady wanted to get serious with Quentin (the feeling was not mutual), and instead of simply breaking it off with her, he makes the cowardly decision to get into a whirlwind relationship with Jessica “Jessie” Belle instead. He then tells the groupie after the fact, hoping that the latter would get the point. This kicks into gear a series of events where Quentin suddenly gets married and finds himself in an abusive relationship, with Jessie being the aggressor, as he realizes too late that KARMA IS A B:+#. . . One night, in an undetermined amount of time later, Quentin has finally had enough of his abusive wife. He storms out of the house, gets on his motorcycle and rides into town, swearing that he is going to RAISE SOME HELL and finally have the fun that he’s been missing all this time. . . It is at a bar, later that night, that Quentin 1st meets Miranda “Red” Herring, a free-spirited woman who’s so wild, that she could “make a sailor blush” – hence her nickname. Instantly infatuated with the female firebrand, Quentin realizes he is falling for her, and admits, in his own words, that “SHE GETS ME HIGH.” Finally, the night comes to a close and Quentin is faced with a moral dilemma: Does he continue on seeing Red (with whom he definitely has a connection with), and therefore beginning an affair, or does he go back to Jessie, where he will keep living miserably? In the end, his code of ethics kicks in and he comes to a compromise: He tells Red to give him 2 weeks to kickstart his divorce to Jessie, and then he would be hers. He then goes home to face his soon-to-be-ex’s wrath, and she makes him sleep on the couch. He spends the remainder of that restless night awake, reflecting on his married life, as he realizes that his future has hope now, whereas before he felt like there was NO WAY OUT
Several weeks have passed and things are getting back to normal. Quentin has begun divorce proceedings, had even contacted his old bandmates and was on his way to getting the band back together. The only thing that kept his life from being perfect was that he couldn’t find Red – she had just disappeared! Somewhat perturbed, but far from defeated, he pushes forward nonetheless and is at least successful in completing the band’s line-up. When asked about his inspiration, he says that he thinks that “this is what it’s like WHEN FATE LIGHTS A FIRE underneath my feet.” However, even though he managed to complete 1 of 2 feats that he set out to accomplish, he still hadn’t found Red. At this point, though, he had given up looking for her, convinced that she was gone. Still, he felt as if he needed a woman to be completely happy, so he starts searching for someone, anyone, who would be his ROCK N’ ROLL QUEEN. As luck would have it, though, he was working outside one day (an indeterminate amount of time later) on a city street when who should happen to walk by but Red herself. Although it would never be determined where she had disappeared to, it didn’t matter: Once again Quentin falls for her immediately, this time being infatuated with THE WAY SHE WALKS
A little ways down the road, Quentin receives a call from Red who congratulates him on their 4-month anniversary. She then invites him over early to consummate the relationship, at which it takes a clueless Quentin a moment to comprehend her not-so-subtle hints. Once he does, he makes his way over to her place where, for the 1st time since meeting her, he witnesses her EVIL 1-TRACK MIND in action. However, it seems as if Quentin’s happiness just wasn’t meant to last. A couple weeks later, he got a message from Red that she found a new job many miles away that she was going to accept, although she said they could still have a long distance relationship. At first, Quentin reluctantly agrees to this arrangement but soon discovers that she has another boyfriend. He then realizes at that point that there is no more hope for the 2 STARCROSSED LOVERS. Quite understandably, Quentin took the news a little hard and soon found himself feeling depressed, although this time it didn’t take him too long to move on. He just woke up one day and finally realized that the key to his happiness had been there all along – he didn’t need to have a lady to make him happy, he had his music. With this new tidbit of knowledge, he went on to concentrate on his band and soon he was BACK IN FIGHTING FORM
Flash forward to the present day and it is revealed that 6 years have passed. It is also revealed that the frontman of the group singing this musical tale is none other than Quentin King and his aforementioned group, as they tell their new fans about the singer’s past struggles. The moral of the story being that Failure is NOT an Option when PUSH COMES 2 SHOVE