(Written and arranged by Tank, Ryan, IceMan, T. McGrew)

Chorus: (Now) I’m no sonic fling, just a platonic king * ’Cuz I am missing one important thing * A lady who’s sweet, maybe a little obscene * What I really really need is my rock n’ roll queen * “If U know what I mean…” / Now I am rocking like I’m on top of the world, but still I’m just a lonely man * I want that special girl who understands why I need 2 be in this rock n’ roll band… / Someone who will never throw a fit, when I tell her I will never quit * ’Cuz… / chorus / Now I don’t wanna rule this would-be kingdom alone, wouldn’t mind someone to share the reign * I’m not opposed to taking many women home, but I only want one just the same… / One who won’t throw something in the fan, when I wanna hang out with the band or our fans * ’Cuz… / chorus / “Know what I mean, baby? You’re looking so fine. How I wish that u could be mine…” / (SOLO) / Be my rock n’ roll queen, if you know what I mean * And my dear that’s who u are * Be my rock n’ roll queen, if you know what I mean * I’ll be your rock n’ roll star * Now… / chorus 

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